What is Occupational Therapy?

OT is a rehabilitation profession that helps people throughout the lifespan achieve what is meaningful through therapeutic use of daily activities, or occupations. For children, meaningful engagement is easily achieved through play.

OTs work on skills such as fine motor development, visual motor and visual perceptual skills, motor planning, sequencing, feeding, adapting the environment, gross motor skills such as balance and hand-eye coordination, developmental reflexes, and sensory processing.

OT can be a valuable service to provide parents with strategies and support throughout a child’s life. This begins with newborns and sleep habits, feeding, and motor milestones. OTs work with toddlers and their caregivers on fine motor and bilateral coordination skills, toileting skills, and school readiness. We help school-age children thrive in the classroom both academically and socially. OTs also help with transition periods throughout the lifespan especially as children enter high school and require putting executive functioning and habit training skills to use for the future.

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