Tinker Kits

Tinker Kits are created by Courtney, an occupational therapist and mother! With over 10 years of experience as an OT specializing in pediatrics, the activities are targeted to help children develop skills at home while connecting with caregivers. The products require minimal set-up, yet provide rich experiences for developmentally appropriate skills. 

All of these developmental areas help children with self-help skills, reading, writing, and most importantly, play skills. 

The packaging materials are sought out to be environmentally friendly and sustainable so they can be reused and repurposed.

Now available- Dinosaur Play Dough Tinker Kits, Unicorn Play Dough Tinker Kits, and Zoo Animal Play Dough Tinker Kits! All include 3 colors of home made play dough with essential oils, cookie cutters, and figurines to encourage open-ended play!

Email me at ot.outside@gmail.com to place your custom order- Also great as birthday gifts or favors!